Full Throttle Racing is a Race Team/Business that is the importer/dealer of Velox Chassis and the full line of SGM products Queensland wide.

Velox Chassis are hand built in the heart of Italy in Maranello.  Velox chassis come complete with seat, wheel rims and custom configuration: you can choose the frame rigidity among standard, soft, hard; (something never seen before in karting) different rear axle stiffnesses and the seat size.  SGM pride them selves in providing a high quality product as known with Italian made chassis.  SGM also set the kart up to the drivers specs so once you take delivery of your Velox chassis most of the hard work has already been completed.

Performance Quality of Velox & SGM

Chassis Dimensions

Performance Advantages of Velox SK1 Chassis Design

We are proud to represent the quality and performance of the Velox SK1 chassis for the following reasons:

  • The geometry of the chassis and the position of the seat allows a perfect balance and optimal behavior of the kart in all racing conditions. The regulation of camber and caster is easily adjustable with the multihole eccentric bushings with embedded uniball.
  • The front stub axle enables quick and precise insertion into corners, while the bearing carrier provides an optimal traction out of the corners.
  • The high quality of the product is guaranteed by research, and the use of latest-generation construction materials, which allow the chassis to obtain performances and ease of driving which were unbelievable years ago.

If your interested in learning more about Velox or any range of SGM products please feel free to contact the team at Full Throttle Racing via e-mail


or contact Full Throttle Racing on 0438826996.

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